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How to cook steak for a special treat

When I go out to eat, if I’m feeling dog-tired, I might order steak – I find it really perks me up on a my-kids-have-been-too-noisy-I-can’t-cope kind of day. The immediacy of the effect is probably more psychological than anything to do with the high iron levels in red meat. (Sadly, the mineral just doesn’t affect energy levels that fast.) But still, who cares if the dish makes you feel better?


How to make a healthy picnic for kids

With the days getting warmer, we’ve started having more days out – and this means picnic lunches. I love the way they’re a budget-friendly option for eating a tasty meal together, removing the need to stand in a queue or throw away sandwiches that you’ve forked out for. Once your kids have picked out the bits they liked, of course.