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7 mistakes parents often make when weaning

If your baby is coming up to weaning age, you might be wondering where to start. Which flavours will your child feel drawn towards, and which will they spit out? Should you wear a smile or a raincoat? Is it best to start with fruit or vegetables, invest in a gallon of baby rice, choose baby-led weaning, or just throw your hands up in the air and admit you don’t have a clue?


Why we need to play catch (and skip) with our kids

Now that the weather’s warmer, my kids are playing in the garden more frequently. The trampoline is seeing more action, and toys are strewn across the lawn. Meanwhile my eldest daughter, who loves gymnastics and goes to a class after school, spends every spare moment doing handstands, cartwheels, bridges and other ultra-bendy moves, most of which are beyond me.


How to talk to your child about dying

Recently, my six-year-old went through a phase of worrying about dying. She asked how it felt, and whether you can move and if your eyes are closed. She told me that her worry about dying seeped into everything she did – nudging at her consciousness while she was watching TV, reading or trying to nod off to sleep.


14 tips to beat school run stress

When my eldest daughter first started at primary school, I was always disorganised. I would forget packed lunches, lose forms and have to leg it with the buggy to make it to school on time. But nowadays I run a much tighter ship before and after the school run, which means I feel calmer and less stressed. I also lose forms less often.