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Toddler snacks review: Organix Goodies

I’m an Organix No Junk Mum, which is why they’ve recently sent me a sneak peak of their new Goodies products, which aren’t yet in the stores. The kids and I have had a lovely time, tasting and testing.

All the treats are for toddlers and children aged over 12 months, and all fit the Organix No Junk Promise – to add nothing unnecessary to their food.

Here are our thoughts:

Mini Oaty Bites

These are bite-sized portions of their Soft Oaty Bars, individually packaged, in apple and orange, and raspberry and apple flavours. The bigger bars are already a regular with my kids as an after-school snack so these little bites are a big hit. A blend of oats, raisins and fruit juice, these bar-lets are brilliant for quick fillers or to go on lunch plates.

Sweet Cinnamon Popcorn, and Banana Popcorn

We love popcorn and this is a really healthy version – the baked corn and rice snacks are coated with fruit juice, and as with all Organix products, there’s obviously no added sugar. They’re gluten-free too, and contain added vitamin B1 (thiamin). Plus the popcorn comes packaged in handy little bags. The cinnamon version was my fave – my eldest daughter said they tasted of hot cross buns (funnily enough). We weren’t so sure about the banana ones as the flavour wasn’t as pronounced – sorry, Organix. Probably would work well with toddlers, I reckon, who haven’t yet been corrupted by the flavours of cinema-sweet popcorn.

Cocoa & Orange Crispy Bars, and Berry Crispy Bars

My little boy really enjoyed these Berry Crispy Bars in particular. I liked the interesting, bubbly texture made by all the puffed rice, plus raisins and juice. There’s also of course cocoa powder to make the chocolatey flavours.

Mini Cheese & Chive Breadsticks

This was our overall favourite of the new treats that we tried. Good flavours with the cheese and chives coming through – pretty moreish. They come in small bags, perfect grab-and-go size for toddlers and preschoolers’ snacks or lunchboxes. Made with wheat flour and wholegrain oat flour, they also contain added vitamin B1 (thiamin). I reckon overall these are healthy snacks, and perfect for days out.

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Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post but all views are my own.

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    My son is always hungry when he comes home from school and I struggle finding him snacks which are healthy. I think some of these look really good and may do the trick.

  • Avatar

    Kara Guppy


    I love the Organix range for the kids – would like to try the Cocoa & Orange Crispy Bars, and Berry Crispy Bars

  • Avatar

    Erica Price


    We have always like Organix snacks and only moved away from them about a year or two ago (my son is 9 now). Love the look of the new products.

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    What a nice selection of goodies – it’s amazing how different snacks for kids are these days from when we were children. These all look yummy – and of course have the added benefit of being good for you too.

  • Avatar

    Cass Bailey


    This is such a great range – tasty and healthy x

  • Avatar

    Jen Walshaw


    My boys are getting a bit old for these now, but if I unpack them I do still sneak them in to their lunch boxes!

  • Avatar

    Nichola - Globalmouse


    I love Organix and we always used to get them when my three were younger. I wish Organix would also market to a slightly older age group as I think they’re fantastic and these new flavours sound great.

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