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Thanks for stopping by to read Healthier Mummy. I’m Carole Beck, a health, parenting and food writer and editor, and mum of three small children (aged eight, six and three).

I  have long tried to live a healthy lifestyle, but I’m not always successful.This blog follows my trials and tribulations as I try to boost mine and my family’s fitness, sharing some of the bumps and cracks that I’ve walked into along the way.

I’d love to inspire other people to make healthy choices, but it’s still a work in progress for me – I have rather a penchant for Curly Wurlys and sweets, and one of my bugbears is that I’m not very good at sleeping. But I’m trying.

Writer and editor Carole Beck

Picture by Lydia Jones

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    Toni Dundas


    Well done Carole, a great website, a great achievement :) You go girl! x


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